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We accept payment within the FRG per invoice, cash on delivery, automatic debit, cash in advance or credit card. Outwith the FRG/ex Germany the method of payment is per credit card.

If the method of payment is cash on delivery within the FRG, the Deutsche Post/DHL will charge an extra cash on delivery fee of EUR 2.00. When shipping to Switzerland (CH) or when shipping to the ex EU, the recipient must pay additional tax and customs duties.

The shipment could be damaged during transport. In this case we will naturally replace the damaged products free of charge. Transport damage must be reclaimed immediately from the vendor, DHL, as soon as the goods are received. If you are returning the goods by post, please inform us beforehand per Email, fax or telephone. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation. You can visit our Website without entering personal details.

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Credit rating check

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In-house contact for data protection

In the event of queries about deletion, editing or use of your personal data, or if you require information, amendment, locking or deletion of data or would like to withdraw consent, please contact:

Mr Data Protection
ABAS Software AG
Südendstraße 42
76135 Karlsruhe

  1. Users have a two week right of withdrawal. The Federal Ministry of Justice recommends the following template, which was declared as insufficient by several courts of law, by special instruction. Therefore, we would like to inform you that the time limit begins, differently than stated in the following, at the earliest on the day after receiving the goods and the following instructions in writing (e.g. letter, fax, Email). When exercising the right of withdrawal, the return is always at our risk.

    Right of withdrawal instructions

    Right of withdrawal

    You can withdraw your contractual statement within two weeks without reason in writing (e.g. letter, fax, Email) or by returning the objects. The time limit begins at the earliest when the instructions are received. To guarantee the right of withdrawal it is sufficient to send the withdrawal or return the object within good time. The withdrawal should be sent to:

    ABAS AG, Südendstraße 42, 76131 Karslruhe Fax.: +49 (0) 721 / 9 67 23-100, Email:

    Withdrawal consequences

    In the case of an effective withdrawal the services received by both parties must be refunded (e.g. interest) or returned. If you are unable to return/refund the received service completely or partially, or can only return/refund it in a deteriorated state you must pay compensation for the decreased value. On returning objects this is not valid if the deterioration of the object can be traced, for example if the damage was already there when the object came from the shop. You can prevent the value replacement obligation by not using the object as your own property and refrain from doing anything which would influence the value. Objects which can be sent in a package must be returned. Objects which cannot be sent per package will be collected. You must cover the costs of returning the package if the delivered goods correspond to those ordered and if the price of the object to be returned does not exceed an amount of 40 Euros, or you have not made the partial payment agreed contractually if the object has a higher price at the time of withdrawal. Alternatively the return is free of charge for you. Obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days after sending the withdrawal declaration.

    End of right of withdrawal instructions

  2. The right of withdrawal is not valid for delivery of goods which have been customized (e.g. t-shirts with your picture and name) or goods which have been obviously manufactured to personal requirements, or goods which have been supplied with audio and video recordings, or software, provided that the supplied data carriers have been opened by yourselves (e.g. cellophane wrapping on software CDs opened).
  3. Please avoid damage and defilement. Please try to return the goods in the original packaging with all accessories and with all packaging components. Please use protective packaging. If you no longer have the original packaging, please ensure that you use appropriate packaging which will protect sufficiently whilst transporting.
  4. Please return the goods to us as an insured package and retail the proof of postage. We will gladly also refund the postage costs in advance if these are not to be paid by yourselves.
  5. Before returning the goods, please inform us calling the telephone number [+49 (0) 721 / 9 67 23-0]. This enables us to allocate the products as soon as possible.
  6. Please note that the modalities stated in the paragraphs c) to e) are not a prerequisite for the effective exercising of the right of withdrawal.

The following terms and conditions apply between the ABAS Software AG - here referred to as ABAS - and the payer and beneficial owners of ABAS products - here referred to as the payer - on presumption that no other terms and conditions have been agreed. Differing payer terms and conditions, even if in writing, which ABAS has not specifically agreed to will not be part of the contract. The payer carries the onus of proof for the differing terms and conditions which have been agreed.

Quotation and contract conclusion

  • The representation of products in the Online Shop does not represent a legally binding quotation, but is a prompt to order. Errors excepted
  • By clicking the button [Order] you make the order of the listed products on your order page binding. The sales contract is created if we accept your order through a sales order confirmation per Email directly after receiving your order.

    Information through the payer

    The payer will provide ABAS free of charge with the required information, documents, hardware, firmware, software or machine processable data amounts required for carrying out the work and obligates himself to immediately inform ABAS of all changes which are intended to be made in the system.

    Delivery date, Acceptance

    1. If the documents required for the preparation of the contract are not available in time, or if the payer damages his obligation to cooperate in any way, an agreed delivery date will then be extended respectively; if the fulfillment of the contract becomes unacceptable for ABAS, because the payer has not provided ABAS with the agreed documents within three weeks after a written warning, or the obligation to cooperate despite a written warning from ABAS is not fulfilled within three weeks, and ABAS declares that they will withdraw from the contract if the deadline for the receipt of documents is exceeded, frees ABAS from the contract and all connected liability through a simple written explanation. ABAS then has the right to invoice the payer for all incurred expenditure and the loss of profit within this time period.
    2. In comprehensive contracts, part deliveries can also be processed and invoiced by ABAS.
    3. If ABAS is prevented in fulfilling their obligations due to unforseen circumstances beyond their control, the delivery date will be extended respectively. Unforseen circumstances, in which ABAS is not responsible, are such cases as measures taken in the case of industrial action (especially strikes or lockouts) and also the omission or faultiness of documents, hardware, firmware, software or machine processable data volumes from a third party which were intended for the contract processing. In important cases, ABAS will inform the payer of the start and finish of such hindrances. If the contract cannot be executed because of named circumstances, ABAS will be released from the contract and all respective liability in connection to it.
    4. If circumstances beyond the control of ABAS occur during an already existing period of arrears, ABAS is not responsible for these circumstances. If a delivery date extends hereafter, or if ABAS is freed from its relating obligations, no claims for damages can be made due to delay or due to a cease in services.
    5. The payer can only withdraw from the contract if the extended delivery date named in the contract confirmation or according to c) is exceeded, if ABAS is in arrears for over 4 weeks and if a period of grace of the owed service has expired to no avail. If the payer can prove a statutory claim for compensation from damage caused by delay, this is limited to the effect that the payer in the case of intent or gross negligence for each full week in which ABAS is in arrears, is liable to 0.5% and a maximum of 5% of the agreed net price for the delayed service. Other payer rights in connection to delivery delays are excluded.
    6. The payer is obliged to immediately take the subject of the order after delivery and to confirm this acceptance in writing by request of ABAS.
    7. The payer must also accept a service from ABAS if it has deficiencies which are not a significant burden. The rights of the payer according to number 5 remain unaffected in terms of duty of inspection, notification and rejection.


  • ABAs will carry out necessary corrections, changes or amendments due to organizational or program technical deficits which are the responsibility of ABAS and were determined at acceptance, independently of the time period at which the payer gives notice in writing of the defects, within 6 months from acceptance free of charge. A notice of defects must be made within 7 days of the defect arising. The payer will provide all data required for the reproduction of the arisen defect. The last backup of the system before the defect arose must always be retained by the payer. The payer does not have a claim to conversion or loss unless ABAS is unable to correct the defect, despite attempting three times, for which the payer has allowed time and opportunity. The payer has a legal right to compensation if the prerequisites in paragraph 2 are given and ABAS, a legal representative of ABAS or an ABAS employee in management is responsible for intention or gross negligence in relation to the defect; only the immediate defect can be replaced, whereas the right to compensation in the case of gross negligence is limited to the agreed net price for the insufficient service. If ABAS has assured the payer that they will always compensate, the payer has a right to compensation if the prerequisites of paragraph 2 are given and if ABAS is responsible; the liability of ABAS in the case of negligence is limited to the forementioned maximum amount.
  • Other corrections, changes and amendments are only carried out by ABAS at a fee. This also applies to the services listed in a) in the case that changes, amendments or other alterations have been carried out by the payer himself or by a third party without the permission of ABAS.

    Exclusion of demands, vicarious liability for impossibility/incapacity
  • ABAS takes no responsibility for errors, faults or damage resulting from incorrect operation, use of unsuitable operating equipment and if stipulated, abnormal operating requirements and also for errors, faults or damage which can be traced back to the respective mains of the connection of the system of a third party. ABAS expressly stipulates that refraining from regular data backups represents such inappropriate operation.
  • As long as rights of the payer have not been expressly stipulated in an agreement between ABAS and the payer, or in the previous and following clauses, their assertion to ABAS regardless of which legal reason they were derived (e.g. infringement of obligation in contract negotiations, infringement of sub-agreement and supplementary obligations) will be expressly excluded as long as it is legally permitted. This particularly applies to compensation for consequential loss or unpermitted handling and claims due to infringement of obligations in contract negotiations or from sub-agreements, such as due to infringement of supplementary obligations or the obligation to provide appropriate instruction manuals.
  • The vicarious liability for ABAS is always limited to, as long as it does not concern persons in management, careful selection and the required supervision. As long as ABAS is liable, it must only represent intent and gross negligence.
  • The right of the payer to withdraw from the contract completely, in the case of an impossibility or incapacity to be represented by ABAS - in the case of partial impossibility or incapacity as long as the partial fulfillment of the contract is not of interest to the payer - remains unchanged by the preceding regulation. The payer remains obligated to the service if the impossibility or incapacity of ABAS occurs during the default of acceptance of the payer.


  • You can select the method of payment cash in advance, automatic debit, credit card, cash on delivery or invoice. If the method of payment 'cash in advance' is selected, we will send you our bank details in the sales order confirmation and deliver the goods after receipt of payment. If the method of payment 'automatic debit' or 'credit card' is selected, the amount will be debited from your account five days after the goods have been shipped. Cash on delivery and invoice payments must be made on receiving the goods.
  • If previously agreed, bills of exchange will be accepted for payments. Discount and bill of exchange charges plus VAT are to be paid by the payer according to private bank requirements.

    Usage rights of payer

  • All current and future copyrighted and/or commercial trademark rights in the documents, hardware, firmware, software or machine processable data volumes provided by ABAS to the payer, and on quotations, drafts and other quotation documents, remain with ABAS. Procedures and programs are relinquished to the payer from ABAS respectively and are exclusively for the implementation of data processing equipment specified in the contract. If the data processing equipment, for which ABAS provided a procedure and/or a program, goes out of operation, the payer must return this immediately to ABAS together with all of the documents provided by ABAS. The usage rights given to the payer forbid implementation at a third party or passing on information to a third party.
  • ABAS points out that for parts of documents, hardware, firmware, software or machine processable data amounts that a protection of copyright for a third party may be required. That which was stated in a) is valid for this.
  • The payer is liable to ABAS for all damages which result from an infringement of the previously stated obligations, the payer is particularly obliged to pay to ABAS all compensation which is received from the third party resulting from an infringement of the previously stated obligations.


    The payer is obliged to keep all information in connection to the execution of work and ABAS matters confidential from his customers and suppliers. The payer will ensure that all persons involved will hold to this obligation.

    Poaching employees

    The contract partners have an obligation to not poach employees from oneanother. Regardless of the question of headhunting, the payer can only entrust previous employees of ABAS without a previous agreement in writing within the limits of the contract if these employees have been not working for ABAS for longer than two years.

    Reservation of proprietary rights

    All of the usage rights, procedures, documents, hardware, firmware, software or machine processable data amounts given to the payer will remain the property of ABAS until complete payment of the sales order.

    Place of payment and jurisdiction

  • Place of payment - also for payments and acceptance commitments - is Karlsruhe.
  • These general terms and conditions also remain obligatory in their remaining parts in the case of legal ineffectiveness of individual points.
  • The jurisdiction is Karlsruhe for all differences resulting directly or indirectly from a contractual relationship as long as it does not concern a small trader in relation to the payer. ABAS is also entitled to make a claim at the head office of the payer.
  • For the contractual relations the German law (BGB and HGB) at the place of payment is valid.

    ABAS Software AG
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    Thomas Frank

    Further information

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    Contract text

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